LoveSick or Things That Don’t Happen

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LoveSick or Things That Don’t Happen is an uproarious collection of modern love songs and stories on the most dreaded day of the year: Valentine’s Day. Amy gets dumped by Chuck right before prom. Susie and Stacy are bridesmaids and think the groom is gay. Brad and Doug have a bro-mantic moment in the elevator. Brian and Jessica wake up after a night only one of them remembers.

This Valentine’s Day show of quirky love songs and hilarious plays is for anyone who ever has been, will be, or wants to be in love.

59E59 Theaters – February 3-25, 2012

Director: Michole Biancosino

Plays: Lia Romeo

Songs: Tony Biancosino

Musical Director: Jon Spurney

Lighting: Joe Skowronski

Set Design: Kevin Judge

Lighting Design: Ben Hagen

Costumes: Emily DeAngelis

Stage Management: Lizzy Lee

Casting: Judy Bowman

Cast: Rian Alfiero, Joachim Boyle, Liz Elkins, Barrett Hall, Melissa Hammans, Pat McRoberts, Michael Nathanson, Andrew William Smith, Teresa Stephenson, Aidan Sullivan, Jeff Tuohy, Joe Varca, Jessica Varley, Lisa Velten Smith

Meet the cast of LoveSick or Things That Don’ t Happen

Meet Director Michole Biancosino and Songwriter Tony Biancosino

Meet Playwright Lia Romeo