In Between Things: Looking for a Bar space for our next Show…

Posted by Project Y - February 11, 2010

So we are still accepting submissions for our CONFESSIONALS video monologue contest – check out last week’s post for details.

In between other projects we have another project – finding space – and I figured:

Well why not open up and just ask everybody ?

We are looking for a bar that might be interested in hosting our
next show – we’re doing a theatrical “event” – a half rock concert/half
play and we want to do it outside of the big old black box.
We are looking for a grungy rock n’ roll bar with a stage

a bar that has a back room they’d lend out to bring in an early crowd

any place that has a cool vibe and might want some extra business for an early show

This show is going to be a completely fun and funny experience – 10 actors/live music/Lia Romeo’s plays/Tony B’s songs – the kind of thing that goes better with a drink and bad lighting – so if you have any suggestions of a place that might fit the bill – send them on here! We would love to give you a Thank You in our program, and we’ll buy your first round if your suggestion works out.

Know a place?

Help Us find one!


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