Queer Plays Reading Series

Couch Surfing
by Chris Ulloth
directed by Elena V. Levenson

Have you ever wondered what your couch has seen? From a penthouse high-rise to Coney Island, Couch Surfing follows the adventures of a Craigslist couch traded around NYC. A series of heartwarming tales about love, longing, and accidental drug muling.

The Exposure Game
by Charlie O’Leary
Featuring: Miles G. Jackson, Anna Lentz, Lim Mui, Francisco Solorzano, Sam Breslin Wright

In 2005, two high school freshmen explore the bounds of their friendship while one of them solicits explicit photos from an anonymous man online – with consequences that reverberate for decades. A play about what it means to know and be known in the information age.

Sensitive Guys
by MJ Kaufman
Featuring: Jo Lampert, Amelia Workman, Jessie Shelton, Carmen Zilles, Lauren LaRocca, Amanda Mason

Will is a freshman at Watson College. Jordan is a senior film major.Tyler is writing a novel for his thesis. They are all members of the Men’s Peer Education group. At meetings they spend hours unpacking questions like: “What is male privilege? And what can we do about it?” They love each other and the group. Until some accusatory posters start appearing around campus suggesting that a member of the group committed sexual assault. Could it be that even sensitive guys, guys working on their privilege sometimes turn violent or aggressive? In this play women and gender non-conforming people play men trying to understand the intricacies of masculinity and violence.

Nothing Beyond the Light Matters
A new play by Dan McCoy
directed by Michole Biancosino

Featuring: Brian Silliman, T. Thompson, Alex Jacob Wilson

It’s New Year’s Eve at Fantasy Now, a porn shop in Southeast Portland. Nolan, a born-again Christian, meets Isaac, a punk anarchist. With the ball about to drop, two lonely souls grapple with spending their last few minutes on Earth together, and discover that the end of the world’s not what it used to be.

by Vince Gatton
Directed by Jordana Williams

Featuring: Tyrone Davis, Susan Ferrara, Matthew Freeman, Russell Jordan, and Jane Titus.

In a small town library in the deep South, the two librarians share an unlikely close friendship, despite being on opposite sides of the gay marriage debate and culture war. But when a young runaway, global events, and the Sweep of Human History come crashing through their front door, what will it take for that friendship to survive?