Women In Theatre Festival 2022

Posted by MB - January 26, 2022

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Our 7th Annual (!?!?!) Women in Theatre Festival returns beginning February 4th 2022.

We are delighted – and pleasantly surprised – to be able to announce the release of our newest season of the Women in Theatre Festival. Originally scheduled to be produced both in-person and streaming from the A.R.T./New York Theatres in midtown Manhattan, our festival of new works by women playwrights is coming to you in a virtual form.


We have two productions streaming beginning February 4th:

Both are available via Streaming Ticket:  WIT FESTIVAL PASS

For more information about the festival including BIOS, CAST LISTS, and the Full WIT lineup:   WOMEN IN THEATRE FESTIVAL

Buy Now: Festival Streaming Pass


We made theatre during an impossible time…
with many ups and downs along the way.

Here’s (the short version of) the story of how we came to bring you these shows in this virtual way:

After the year end announcements made of many Broadway shows shutting down temporarily or closing altogether due to a barrage of COVID outbreaks, most smaller theatres and theatre companies like ours, decided to follow suit and shut down production, pushing projects off to TBD status for spring or summer.

But since we had already planned for a Hybrid audience which included a streaming component, we shifted our focus slightly.  We brought in the actors, designers, technical staff, stage managers, and directors to produce these new works in an actual IRL theatre.   We want you to take a look at what we made.

For more information about the festival including BIOS, CAST LISTS, and the Full WIT lineup:   WOMEN IN THEATRE FESTIVAL

We hope you enjoy these new plays and monologues.  These productions aren’t “quite” theatre. They aren’t “quite” film.  We think they might be something else entirely.  Thanks for joining us as we experiment with form and for supporting the work of the 20 Women Playwrights represented in our festival.

You can buy a ticket for the shows through March. If you buy a ticket and join us on Opening Night, you can join us afterwards in a zoom room with the creative team as we raise a glade to emerging new forms.  Hope to see you on February 4th!

Michole, Andrew, Lia, Antu, Chris, and the whole Project Y Theatre company of artists involved with WOMEN IN THEATRE 2022.


Join us for Opening!

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Close (But Not Too Close!) accepted in the New York Indie Theatre Film Festival

Posted by MB - January 16, 2022

Close (But Not Too Close!) has been accepted in the New York Indie Theatre Film Festival  #NYCITFF

If you want to join us at the New Ohio theatre for the in-person screening, we are in the A PERFORMER’S LIFE block – Saturday February 12th 6pm

You can also buy a Streaming Ticket to see the show from your device.

Congratulations to the whole artistic team that created this totally unique new digital musical:  Paloma Sierra, Dusty Sanders, Julia Koyfman, Michole Biancosino, Andrew W. Smith, Neel Murgai, Christopher Ulloth, Courtney Smith, Iris Beaumier, Kevin R. Free, Robyne Parrish and Nathan Salstone!


Women in Theatre Festival presents:
CLOSE (But Not Too Close!) a digital musical premiere
Running time 25 minutes

Book by Paloma Sierra
Lyrics by Julia Koyfman
Compositions by Dusty Sanders
Co-Directed by Michole Biancosino & Andrew W. Smith

Welcome to CLOSE (BUT NOT TOO CLOSE!) a website designed for people who want to meet that special someone, but aren’t really ready for an in-person relationship.

Computer savvy scammer, Alex, catfishes an unsuspecting introvert, Louis, who is trying out online dating for his first time. Alex sets up a double date where she can figure out his credit card information. She brings along her Uncle Leslie as wingman and Louis brings his friend, Ellie, who can’t bother to put on clothes for a digital date. Technical difficulties arise – as they always do in chat boxes – allowing Alex to learn Louis’ wildest hopes and dreams.

This funny new musical is co-directed by Project Y Co-Artistic Directors, Michole Biancosino and Andrew W. Smith. Digital Sound Mix by Neel Murgai (of Brooklyn Raga Massive). Digital Media and Video Editing by Courtney Smith. Graphic Design and Website by Christopher Ulloth.

Featuring: Kevin R. Free, Iris Beaumier, Nathan Salstone, and Robyne Parrish.


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Tiny Barn Theatre Arrives

Posted by MB - June 22, 2021


June 18-July 3, 2021
Tiny Barn Theatre: A prototype festival
of new hybrid works of theatre

$20 Pass to See All Streaming Shows This Summer.

We invite you to experience TINY BARN with Project Y Theatre Company this summer.

TINY BARN is Project Y’s latest venture into breaking new ground in digital theatre by creating experimental, forward-thinking, post-pandemic performance for a transmedia experience.

12 New Commissions from 12 creators:
Amina Henry, Bixby Elliot, Nandita Shenoy, Kevin R. Free, Antu Yacob, Christopher Ulloth, Dana Yeaton, Paloma Sierra, Kaaron Briscoe, Daniel McCoy, and Jack Dentinger with BellWeather Collective.

The challenge: write a 1-2 person play for a simultaneous in-person audience and online streaming audience.

In June 2021, a team of artists are gathered in a Tiny Barn, where we have dedicated ourselves to 3 weeks of creating, designing, collaborating, crafting, organizing, conceiving, developing, shaping, inventing, exploring, constructing, and producing these innovative hybrid world premieres.

This is a DIY Theatre Experiment. We hope you’ll join us – in person in VT or online from anywhere in the country.

Tiny Barn Theatre will stream events throughout our 3 week festival. By purchasing this pass, you will receive a link and schedule to be able to view all events in the festival from your device.

For one single price of $20 you can access Hybrid Theatre Plays evenings A, B, C, D, E, and F, as well as special events including a workshop of Lia Romeo’s YOGA WITH JILLIAN, and a reading of Antu Yacob’s new play, THE REMEMBER.

Click to Get your Streaming Pass and access EVERY TINY PLAY!

If You’re in VT June 18-July 3rd and want to see a show in person, write to us at [email protected] and ask for the in-person ticketing form. We’d LOVE to see you in the barn!

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Planet of the Grapes Live

Posted by MB - January 4, 2021

Merging the Victorian era’s Toy Theater movement with today’s Digital Theater movement, this compact homage to the 1968 classic Charlton Heston/Rod Serling primate film is faithfully reimagined for the streaming-live stage. “I can’t help thinking somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than man.” – Colonel George Taylor, Astronaut An astronaut crew… 

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Zoom Plays: Reading Series

Posted by MB - October 9, 2020

  A national call for scripts written to be performed on the Zoom platform yielded over 475 submissions from all over the world. We put these plays through two independent reading teams with the lens of the Women in Theatre Festival: a female-identifying playwright and at least 50% of all artists must be female-identifying.  … 

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