The Revival: Playwright & Director

Posted by Project Y - September 11, 2010

Theatre is a collaborative art. A successful production is reliant on the combined efforts of the actors, designers, and of course, the playwright and director. For our production of The Revival (which opens tonight!), the Project Y artistic and production staff does an amazing job of embracing the elements that truly make a production successful: truth, respect, and passion.

From the first reading to the final preview of The Revival, we’ve been working hard to create theatre that is dynamic; that engages and challenges the intellect and emotions of our audience. The three elements I mentioned above take us there. They each complement each other and give us all an unspoken blueprint to create a rewarding experience for our audience and our company.

Liam Joynt, Co-Producer of The Revival, recently sat down with our director and playwright to discuss the origins of their collaboration and work.

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