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Posted by MB - April 8, 2020

On March 14th, 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic started to take hold of all of our best laid artistic plans, we realized the moment asked us to be nimble.  So we put out a national call for Zoom Plays: monologues, scenes, and plays written to be performed on the Zoom platform.

Within weeks, over a hundred submissions had arrived from all around the world.  Some were plays previously written that the playwright thought would work well for this platform.  Many others are written by playwrights who are answering the call and writing a new play for this prompt.  The submissions continue to this day.  Click Here to submit yours.

Playwrights were encouraged to make context central to the prompt; there must to be a realistic need for this to be a Zoom call. Teenagers talking late at night.  A couple separated by borders.  Classmates trying to Zoom for a class project.  Lovers making plans to elope.

These new works are now organized, and through this website are now available for anyone, nationally or internationally, who seeks to use this for educational reasons: teachers, theatre companies, colleges, high schools, coaches, community organizations, academic institutions, etc.  Please note:  each of these playwrights have granted the rights for educational purposes only.   If you want to do something more with the play, you must contact the playwright for appropriate permission.

We have categorized them by the following criteria to help you find one that you like:

  1. 2 person plays
  2. Under 15 minutes in running time
  3. Over 15 minutes in running time
  4. Monologues

We are in the midst of an unprecedented temporary departure from the traditions of theatre as we know it, so let’s make some new work for this new world.

Click here to view the plays.

Spread the word, and help make this collection of plays available for all.

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