Below are links to recent news in the world of Project Y as well as full reviews from previous productions:

The Religion Thing

“Incisive, provocative play…intimate and involving, thanks to a first-rate cast.”

– Time Out New York Critics’ Pick

“The cast, under Douglas Hall’s direction, is uniformly strong…savvy and often sharply comic”

– Talkin’ Broadway

Renee Calarco writes “with verve”

– The New York Times

A User’s Guide to Hell, featuring Bernard Madoff

In the good care of Lee Blessing and Project Y Theater Company, this is thoughtful witty theater and a production well worth discussion once you’ve stopped laughing…The right level of physical production is provided by the concise set of Kevin Judge; succinct, savvy video design by Shawn Duan, simple but pointed costume design of Emily Deangelis and a lighting design by Ben Hagen that manages to hit the exact level of blinding without creating hostility towards the design itself…A User’s Guide to Hell provides thoughtful and funny theater. It is a production well worth seeing, and considering, in this life.


LoveSick or Things That Don’t Happen

Playwright Lia Romeo has found just the right cocktail of hyperbole and heart to make their evening of modern love stories fresh, entertaining and in their own quirky way, cautiously hopeful.

–Show Business Weekly

LoveSick is joyous, clever and uplifting…


A funny, offbeat, and thoroughly entertaining new rock musical.


Lia Romeo has shoved a spade into the tired old garden of love and turned over fresh new earth.  Her writing is a pleasure and this cast delivers…

–Usher Nonsense

The Revival

This is one of the best cast assemble for an Off-Off Broadway show in a long time, perfectly directed by Michole Biancosino…it’s certain to win over fans of good theater.

— New York Press

What a perfect play for these times…an enormous tale and fortunate to have a cracker jack cast that is ready, willing, and more than able.

— New York Theatre Guide


See FUBAR if you want to experience theatrical shock and awe.

— Backstage New York

…The production pulses like an all-night Ecstasy-fueled rave.

— The New York Times

Therese Raquin Desire:

In less than an hour, this production, at once intelligent and funny, reanimates one of the strangest murderers of French literature.”

— French Morning

American Theatre Magazine:

Michole is awarded the John Gielgud Fellowship at Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

White Biting Dog

The season finale from the ever-surprising Project Y Theatre Company.

— The Washington Post

In the Boom Boom Room

Project Y invigorates it with enough raw energy and promising talent to hold your attention from start to finish.

— The Washington Post

The Crackwalker

Credit director Michole Biancosino and her fine cast for finding the humor- and humanity– amid so much grit.

— The Washington Post

The realism of each performance is nearly overwhelming.

— The Washington Blade

Italian American Reconciliation

Project Y regularly crosses up expectations in everything except its high production quality….a romp to be reckoned with– audience involving, vivid, rambunctious, and alternately hilarious and affecting.

— The Washington CityPaper

Doesn’t miss a punchline…there is a tenderness to all the raw hearts on display.

— The Washington Post

Terra Nova

Project Y’s compelling production is almost contagious….intense, earnest, and actor-driven.

— The Washington Post

Project Y has struck me since its inception as the smartest of the city’s younger theatre troupes…[Project Y] has constantly aimed high and hit higher.

— The Washington CityPaper

They have that kind of energy that Steppenwolf became known for…..a lot of larger theatre’s would do well to go see what these people are doing and emulate their energy and willingness to take risks…..this is what theatre is about.

— Around Town


The stage combat is precise and dangerous looking….director Michole Biancosino’s production…finds its own cool appeal.

— The Washington Post

One Flea Spare

There’s definately something to that three-planks-and-a -passion impulse.

— The Washington CityPaper

Lion in the Streets

Project Y’s disciplined, kinetic performance is remarkable…with its wide, angry, mournful tone[it] feels like a reverberating shotgun blast. Project Y gets this exactly right.

— The Washington Post

Rough, angry, funny, crude, and bursting with youthful energy.

— The Washington CityPaper

Brash and subtle, terrifying and endearing, sexy and smug, and best of all: fearless.

— Generation Next

Any theatre company this impressive in its debut is worth watching.

— The Washington Blade

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