Interview with Lia Romeo, Bad Ass Playwright of GREEN WHALES

Posted by Project Y - January 26, 2010

MB: When did you start writing GREEN WHALES ? What’s the idea that sparked it?

LR:I started writing the play when I was in grad school at Rutgers … I’m continually drawn to writing love stories, and also to the discrepancies between our cultural fantasies about what love stories should look like (as exemplified by the genre of romantic comedy) and the reality of the many strange and imperfect ways that love manifests itself between strange and imperfect people. So I wanted to explore some of that territory in the play.

MB: Have you had other readings of the play? What surprised you about people’s reactions?

LR: I’ve had several readings, and it’s actually surprised me how un-horrified people have been … I was expecting some strong negative reactions, given the play’s subject matter, and I really haven’t gotten any. I think audiences are a lot more open-minded than many theaters give them credit for.

MB: What’s the next step you’re going to take in your process with GREEN WHALES after this?

LR: GREEN WHALES is being world-premiered by the Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City this March – my first Equity production, so I’m very excited!

MB: What else do you do besides write plays?

LR: Write novels and humor books.

MB:What else do you do besides write?

LR: Eat babies.

MB: What’s the last play you’ve seen?

LR: My own, actually – my play RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME opened at Renegade Theatre Experiment in California this past weekend.

MB: What makes you a “BAD ASS WOMAN”?

LR: I eat babies. Um, seriously? I know how lucky I am to have had the life I’ve had so far, and I believe I can accomplish anything I want to.

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