Zoom Plays: Reading Series


A national call for scripts written to be performed on the Zoom platform yielded over 475 submissions from all over the world. We put these plays through two independent reading teams with the lens of the Women in Theatre Festival: a female-identifying playwright and at least 50% of all artists must be female-identifying.   At the end of this process, three plays rose to the top. Check out the plays below.  Visit our Women in Theatre Festival page to learn more about the cast and teams behind the series.  To learn more about Zoom Plays or submit your own play, click here!


Tickets are free, and we encourage donations.


Missing Ingredient
Watch on our WIT Festival page or on our Youtube channel starting Monday, November 30th
Written by Colleen O’Doherty
Directed by Jen Chang
Featuring:  Joy Osmanski, Elizabeth Ho, and Corey Brill

Watch on our WIT Festival page or on our Youtube channel starting Wednesday, December 2nd
Written by Rachel Carnes
Directed by Shelley Butler
Featuring Bernardo Cubria and Valerie Terranova

Watch on our WIT Festival page or on our Youtube channel starting Friday, December 4th
Written by Catalina Florina Florescu
Directed by Hilary Ward
Featuring Olga Konstantulakis and Andrea Lwin

and our first ever Digital Musical:

Close (But Not Too Close!)
Book by Paloma Sierra
Lyrics by Julia Koyfman
Original Compositions by Dusty Sanders
Co-Directed by Andrew W. Smith and Michole Biancosino