Italian American Reconciliation

By Academy Award winner John Patrick Shanley.

Directed by Richard Romagnoli

The story of three broken hearts, two best friends, and one dead dog.

Aldo Scalicki helps his best friend Huey regain his lost strength by getting back together with his terrifying ex-wife. Shots are fired and promises broken in this heart-breaking and heart-mending comedy.

Project Y regularly crosses up expectations in everything except its high production quality…a romp to be reckoned with-audience involving, vivid, rambunctious, and alternately hilarious and affecting.” -The Washington City Paper

“This is funny business, and it doesn’t miss a punchline….[a] fun house of love…a tenderness to all the raw hearts on display, and quips are delivered with sensitivity to the overall mood.” -The Washington Post

Produced with the Studio Theatre

Cast: Eric Sutton, Suzanne Richard, Peter Makrauer, Caroline Kellogg, and Michole Biancosino.