In the Boom Boom Room

By Tony Award winner David Rabe.

Directed by Michole Biancosino.

Set in the streets, apartments, and go-go clubs of 1968 Philadelphia,¬†In the Boom Boom Room¬†focuses on Chrissy, a young dancer working as a go-go girl until she can break into the world of “real” dancing. A dreamer, Chrissy begins her journey as a girl trying to become an adult, but struggles making the most trivial decisions. In a whirl of 1960s music, dance, and dreams, the play takes us through the life of a hopelessly romantic young woman determined to make it big.

“Project Y invigorates it with enough raw energy and promising talent to hold your attention from start to finish…[Director Michole Biancosino] locks onto the script’s two strengths — twisted humor and theatrical construction — and makes the show into a wonderful sort of absurdist odyssey….Much like the entire production, the costumes have a cohesive and shrewd sensibility that is sometimes lacking at bigger and richer theaters.”
-The Washington Post

Produced at the Studio Theatre

Cast: Sarah Nelson, Dan Via, Grady Weatherford, Diane Cooper, Kate Debelack, Sam Elmore, Yasmin Tuazon, Deepa Gupta, Jay Dunne, Caitlin McAndrews, and Scott McCormick.