Jude’s Law Reading

The Jude’s Law 
By Lisa Velten Smith
Directed by Andrew Smith
Fight Choreography by Dana Maddox
Stage Management by Dawn Fidrick

One Woman’s Transformation from Raggedy Ann to Super Woman

Jude’s Law is a wild, wild ride through an underground world of Hard-core-Bitchin’-Super-Chicks who kick ass first, and ask questions later.

Ann begins her night waiting on a street corner for her boyfriend but ends up in an emergency room a rape victim. She seeks help in friends and therapy, but the more ‘help’ she gets, the more she realizes that all the women in her life are… too strong, too smart, almost more than human.

As Ann is pulled into the exciting, rock n’ roll world of secret female fighters, her own strength emerges. But when Ann begins to guess at the true aim of her new female clan, the ride gets even more raucous. Suddenly it’s the baddest, boldest, and bustiest of the female fighters duking it out matrix style — to conquer the world.

Produced at the Atlantic Second Stage as a part of the Potomac Theatre Project’s After Dark Series:  a one night, fully produced, staged reading.

Cast: Colby DiSarro, Carmen Gill, Jason Hart, Dana Maddox, Edelen McWilliams, Jerry Richardson, Katie Sigismund, Amy Stewart, Lisa Velten Smith