HOLY COW! Reading Series

The HOLY COW! Reading Series is a bi-monthly reading of  plays about religion, faith, and life after death. How do we see the possibility of life after death today? What does it mean to be a person of faith? How does belief in an afterlife inform everyday actions and emotions? How does religion really effect the way human begins treat each other? How does a person of one faith live in our shared world of many beliefs? How does a person spend their lifetime if they believe they are moving towards an afterlife?

The HOLY COW! Reading Series explores the nature of what it means to believe in something in our modern world.

March 2012: A User’s Guide to Hell: Featuring Bernard Madoff by Lee Blessing

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Video Interview with Lee Blessing

May 2012: The Town of No One by Tariq Hamami

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Interview with Tariq Hamami

July 2012: The Religion Thing by Renee Calarco

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Interview with Renee Calarco

September 2012: This Lingering Life by Chiori Miyagawa

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Downward Facing Debbie by David Caudle

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