White Biting Dog

By Judith Thompson

Directed by Michole Biancosino

A suicidal young man gets a message from a talking dog: “Save your father to save yourself!” Thus begins the comical and absurd journey of a desperate man trying to save his dying father so that he might regain a sense of his own place in the world. When he joins forces with a teenage psychic, life starts to look a little brighter, until a visit from his sex-obsessed mother and her latest boy toy stirs up old feelings that threaten to push him and his father over the edge.

“Director Michole Biancosino keeps the whole thing moving at the required speed– which is to say, like a freight train. Still, amid the play’s gyrations, she finds a throughline of poignancy that rests, ultimately, in Casey’s character and his romantic quest for reunion with the only woman he ever loved.”
-The Washington Post

Produced at the Studio Theatre

Cast: Michael John Casey, Jon Townsen, Tara Giordano, Lindsay Allen, and Jason Lemire