with Ella Dershowitz, Midori Francis*, Dana Jacks*, Robby Clater*, Joachim Boyle,
Gus Birney, Thomas Muccioli, Aria Shahghasemi

March 3 – 26, 2016

In a world where we are all constantly connected to the Internet – and through the Internet to one another – why do we still feel so alone? CONNECTED examines love and friendship in the age of social media through a series of interrelated vignettes – a young girl’s most embarrassing moment goes viral; a high school student must choose between real life and role-playing games; two girls spend Saturday night endlessly searching for the “perfect party;” and a teacher is accidentally seduced by her student on an internet dating site.

Andrew Smith (Producer/Co-Artistic Director)
Matthew Fick (Scenic Designer)
Ben Hagen (Lighting Designer)
Jessa-Raye Court (Costume Designer)
Amit Prakash (Sound Designer)
Allison Raynes* (Stage Manager)
Judy Bowman (Casting)

*denotes member of Actors’ Equity






connected 1



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Photos by Hunter Canning

“CONNECTED is a clever and often humorous look at our overly connected—and yet disconnected—technology-filled lives…I found myself riveted as I waited to see what would happen.”-Theatre is Easy

“A wry commentary on the way things are now, for better or for worse without becoming condescending. What may end up being its biggest win is its potential to spark a dialogue across all platforms – including face-to-face communication.”NY Theatre Guide

“The director and playwright are humorously tweaking the truth of TV reality with stage reality…Dynamically directed, well-acted, expertly conceived production”-Theater Pizzaz

“CONNECTED is Worth Swiping Right For…The play itself is clever, fast, realistic, and absurd. It’s in the absurdity we realize how blurry our reality really is, and Romeo does a great job of getting us to that revelation…”-Manhattan with a Twist

“Lia Romeo’s new play is very, very good. A wry, fast-paced look at American Life in the age of YouTube, Facebook, online gaming and online dating” -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“CONNECTED, by Lia Romeo, is a fascinating look at the cyber world we live in today and how it directly affects our younger generation.” -Broadway World

This program was supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

CONNECTED was made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.