Therese Raquin Desire

Therese Raquin Desire
Adapted and Directed by Michole Biancosino

Produced at Stage Left Studios in NYC, then at the Marigny Theatre in New Orleans as part of N.O. Fringe

Project Y teams up with The New Orleans Theatre Experiment (N.O.T.E.) to co-produce Therese Raquin Desire, an original one-woman show about what happens when a silent and solitary woman decides to act on impulse and desire. Based on the famous title character of Emile Zola’s novel, Therese Raquin Desire, this innovative show mixes original sound, video, and choreography to give new life to one of literature’s most surprising murderers. In this show, the audience knows the details of Therese’s crime – planning and carrying out the murder of her husband in order to live a life of freedom with her lover.

In Therese Raquin Desire, the story is told by Therese herself, creating a fragmented and poetic journey through the landscape of a mind sorting through the pieces of a mixed-race heritage, an awakening sexual need, and so deep and great a desire to be loved that even murder is an option.

“The audience is exposed to the deepest demons of this touching and shattered woman. A basic but fitting sound and set design give this small space situated in an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen an almost atemporal character. In less than an hour, this production, at once intelligent and funny, reanimates one of the strangest murderers of French literature.
-Sandra Naigeon, French Morning New York

Featuring Teresa Stephenson
Choreography by Jody Person
Sound by Amit Prakash
Set Design by Andrew Smith
Video Design by Shawn Boyle
Light Design by Ben Hagan
Stage Management by Christopher Rinaldi