The Launch Fundraiser

Project Y hosted an outrageously fabulous party to celebrate our move from Washington, DC to New York City. Every party-goer received a unique, handmade mask when they entered a private penthouse loft appropriately called “The Money Loft” for its walls decorated with large paper bills.  There were two custom-made bars and delicious food to munch on as three separate stages lit up with a live jazz band, two burlesque dancers, and dancer Jody Person.  The night ended with 100 masked people dancing to DJ BluePhunk’s beats and celebrating the new beginning of Project Y in the big apple.

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

The Money Loft

Burlesque Dancers: Rita Menweep and Gigi La Femme
Dancer: Jody Person
Trumpet: Josh Lawrence
Bass: Tony Mayo
Keyboards: Eric Duane Plaks
Vocals: Angela Carroll
DJ: DJ Bluephunk